What Is My IP

"What is my IP" tool is a simple web-based service or application that allows users to quickly determine their public IP address. When you connect to the internet, your device is assigned an IP address, which serves as its unique identifier on the network.

Your public IP address
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"What is my IP" tool, you typically visit a website or use an app that displays your public IP address. This information can be useful for various purposes, such as troubleshooting network issues, verifying your internet connection, or checking if your VPN or proxy server is working correctly.

There are numerous websites and online services that offer "What is my IP" functionality. These tools usually display your IP address along with additional information, such as your location, ISP (Internet Service Provider), and sometimes the type of device you're using.

It's important to note that the IP address provided by these tools is your public IP address, which is assigned by your ISP and visible to websites and services you connect to on the internet. Your device may also have a private IP address assigned to it within your local network, which is used for communication with other devices on the same network but is not visible to the outside world.


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